Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nanny Training Certificate Program

In today’s economic landscape, two-income families are increasingly the norm as parents struggle to put food on the table and pay rent. They don’t just need someone to sit in their apartment and watch their children while they are at work. Nannies are now required to possess a degree of training in child care and in some instances, must be certified or even have a formal academic degree in the field of child development.   So, as you can see, there is more to childcare than playing games, baking cupcakes and watching tv together.

Make a Difference
Interestingly, a nanny may spend more time with her charges than their parents. As a nanny, you have the ability to shape their small minds and allow parents to focus on their jobs comforted that their children are safe and happy at home. Very often, in addition to taking care of the child, nannies are now mandated to sit next to the children at their desks and lend a helping hand with their homework assignments as well as prepare nutritious meals for both the children and their families and perform housekeeping duties.

If you feel your mission in life is to work with children, working as a nanny gives you the ability to do just that. But the bonus of working as a personal nanny as opposed to a temporary babysitter or a childcare worker in a day care center, is that  you truly get to know them. Like school, children in a daycare center move from teacher to teacher until they enter elementary school when they leave their daycare days behind them. You may stay with the same family for years and watch your charges grow from babies to young adults and recognize your contribution via your role as nanny.

Being a Bridge
Beyond caring for the children, you are responsible for acting as a liaison between the children and their teachers and parents.  For example, as a nanny you may work with the parents to establish a routine for the children and you will have to keep track of the children’s after school activities, scheduled television time and medication schedule if any. You will be responsible for observing any abnormal developmental delays, health issues or the achievement of milestones.  

If you have experience working with children, a career as a nanny may be a good match for the skills you already possess. Then  combine this  with patience, maturity, exceptional organizational skills and a sense of humor. It must be emphasized that some families will also require a background check before they will hire you since you will be entrusted with their most valuable commodity--their children. They want to ascertain that when they insert that key into their homes in the morning before going to work, that they can have peace of mind knowing they can trust you. Nannies provide a valuable service in the nurturing, care, social, emotional and academic development of their charges.  Understanding cognitive as well as emotional development empowers nannies to understand the rationalization behind choices, behavior and actions even when the child does not fully grasp their full import.
  A good place to start is with the New American Chamber of Commerce  (NACC) Nanny Training Certificate Program. The Chamber’s mission is to empower nannies to start nanny businesses utilizing the skills developed, from our Nanny Training Certificate Program and our Small Business Boot Camp (Starting a Daycare Edition). We establish through our Nanny Training Certificate Program, knowledgeable, nurturing and loving nannies, who are dedicating their careers to challenging children to achieve greatness. Call us at 718-722-9217 or visit

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